Tiger Woods News and the Media World

Tiger Woods News and the Media World

Sometimes I wonder, is this just Tiger Woods' World and we just so happen to live in it too?  I am sure any citizen living in the United States that has watched at least 3 minutes of news on any major media outlet over the past several months can recall that Tiger Woods cheated on his now estranged wife Elin Nordegren, right?

Well, if not, here it is. Back in late November of 2009, Tiger Woods was injured in a one-car accident outside of his home, near the Orlando, Florida area during the very early hours of the morning.  Early reports suggested that Woods crashed into a tree, just yards from his driveway and that wife Elin had smashed a window open with a golf club to get to him.

The mainstream and regional media outlets went crazy with running this story all day long, as it soon became worldwide news that the greatest golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, had been in a car accident.  My initial thoughts were, "Oh, my God! I hope Tiger is okay," but then as the story unfolded, it seemed odd that Elin would smash his window open with a golf club to get to him. I then began to think, there is more to this story, they probably got into a very serious argument and she just lost it, chased him out of the house with a golf club, and then as Woods began to drive away, Elin smashed in his car window with the golf club, most likely assisting in causing the accident involving Tiger.

Then over the next few days, more news broke out as he had been cheating on his wife Elin with multiple mistresses over the years, as one-by-one began to come forward.  Shortly after everything came out into the public, Tiger gave a public apology to his wife, family, fellow golfers, and fans, as he withdrew himself from the PGA Tour and competitive golf in order to concentrate on his family and seek therapy for his "sex addiction."

So, now that Tiger Woods was out of the professional golf scene, self-admitted into a sex therapy center, and was seemingly on track to rekindle all with wife Elin, his family, fellow golfers, and fans, the media was relentless in covering everything about Tiger Woods and literally ripping his life apart.  More porn stars, party girls, cocktail waitresses were coming out very vocally in the media and demanding all sorts of things from Tiger Woods, and as ridiculous as they were, the media continued to allocate hours and hours to these "opportunist" women.

I believe that society does look up to sports icons like Tiger Woods, who has inspired millions with his athleticism, charitable giving, and more. Yet, he made a mistake, actually several of them over the course of a few years. Tiger let fame, wealth, and opportunity corrupt him, as he fell prey to the many vices that surround him daily.  However terrible it all was, there as been much worse acts committed by multiple celebrities, politicians, and athletes over the years, yet none of them have received anything close to the amount of attention played against Tiger Woods.

I am not suggesting that Tiger Woods should get a free pass on his wrong-doings, yet what he did is over now, and it's been nearly eight months since the story broke out, yet Tiger Woods cheating on his wife is still a main subject in the popular media today. Really guys? For instance, when Tiger Woods was recently in Ireland for a pro-am golf outing, he was hounded by the press about his "cheating" and "mistakes" he made.  Tiger is there to play "golf," not answer to personal life matters with someone like, Dr. Phil.  Obviously he is going to be paying for his "mistakes" financially and emotionally for the rest of his life, i.e. 0 million in a divorce settlement with Elin about to be finalized.

Maybe one of Tiger's bigger mistakes was getting married so young? It happens to millions of people worldwide, they marry early on, realize they maybe should of waited longer, and/or do stupid things like cheat on the one you supposedly love and wish to be with the rest of your life.  But to be dragged through the mud for months is just getting very old to have to see and hear daily!

Not many people do take into account the many millions Tiger Woods' charity has given out over the years and all the good he does for society and children worldwide.  Most people believe in second chances.  I think it is worth at least sitting on the sidelines and seeing how Tiger Woods will bounce back… if at all. But, he should be given a fair shot to do so in the mean time by the media, fellow golfers, fans, and even family.

So, when Tiger is at a golf tournament, questions should be about his "golf game," and NOT about cheating on his wife, etc.  When in public and away from a golf course, Tiger Woods is fair game for scrutiny and questions about his personal life, even though it's none of our business.

All I am saying is that the media should be covering Tiger Woods golf news, since that is all he is doing now. His personal life, we pretty much know all there is to know already, so, thank you mainstream media for the 24/7 coverage to date that Tiger cheated on his wife, he may have a love child with porn star, or another alleged mistress (opportunist) claims relationship with him, and so much more.

There should be some balance in reporting on Tiger Woods golf, charitable, and personal life news… I am saying is that people at large are getting very sick of hearing the same old news everyday. Hopefully, the media will catch a clue and move on like the rest of us...

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