Tiger Woods Ends His King Rule in Golf

Tiger Woods Ends His King Rule in Golf

Author: coco

Tiger Woods is no longer the King of the golf world. This shamed golfers lost the throne on Sunday in the golf world. Frustration comes for he suffers double loss on or off the golf course.

Woods is the only king of golf with more than five years, he had a continuous high record of ruling the world altar for 281 weeks, and throughout his career he kept the world's number one for 623 weeks, but now he has become the world's second players.

A 37-year-old England player Lee Westwood takes his place, turning the first European golfer who gets the world number one after Nick, 1994, but also the No. 5 player in the world number one as European.

Although failing to win a career Grand Slam, Westwood is the world's most stable golfers. He won a PGA Tour victory this year, while get the second place in the U.S. Masters and British Open. [Read more...]

Adjusted for Everyone TaylorMade R9 Driver Review

Adjusted for Everyone TaylorMade R9 Driver ReviewAdjusted for Everyone TaylorMade R9 Driver Review

Author: stratocaster

TaylorMade-adidas Golf is a pioneer in golf club adjustability when it introduced its r7 quad driver in 2004. And over the last few years, one company has dominated the driver count on the major Tours. TaylorMade drivers are found in the bags of more Tour professionals than any other manufacturer. Their latest driver, the TaylorMade R9 driver adds an adjustable hosel to the moveable weight technology that has been so successful.

This is a real good driver and many shops are offering discount for golf purchasers who buy the R9 driver. What a seduction! But don't hurry, let's check out what Technologies have been applied to the TaylorMade R9 driver:

Flight Control Technology - This is a cool and upcoming technology. This allows the player to easily move or change loft, lie and face angle! FCT uses a sleeve that is positioned over the tip of the shaft to accomplish. The sleeve can be rotated into different positions, changing the characteristics of the head, by loosening the bolt that secures the sleeve and shaft into the clubhead.

Movable Weight Technology - is nothing new for TM. The clubhead weight can be changed to by the player to change the characteristics of the club. This allows the golfer to optimize CG. [Read more...]

Golf Fitness Exercises for Women Golfers

Golf fitness exercises can be beneficial for the woman golfer in terms of improving the foundation of the swing, rotation in the backswing, speed development in the downswing, and a consistent finish position. Learn how golf fitness exercises can benefit the woman golfer. Lowering golf scores and making the game more enjoyable.

It is well known in professional golf how integral golf fitness exercises are for success at the highest level of golf. Men on the PGA Tour and women on the LPGA Tour understand the benefits of golf fitness exercises in achieving success. Outside the circles of professional golf many questions exist about golf fitness exercises. Questions such as; what are the best exercises to improve golf fitness levels, are flexibility exercises and stretches better than other forms of golf fitness exercises, and what are the benefits of golf fitness exercises for the woman golfer?

These and many questions surround the topic of golf fitness. This article is to provide some answers for you on the topic of golf fitness exercises for woman. It has been well documented in magazines and television how LPGA women such as Annika Sorenstam utilize golf fitness programs to benefit their play on the golf course. Is there a difference between the LPGA player and the amateur woman golfer in relation to golf fitness training? The answer is no. Yes, the women on the LPGA Tour are the best women golfers in the world, but the physiology of the LPGA player and amateur are the same. The skeletal, muscular, and neural systems are the same. The professional golfer has the same number of muscles in their bodies as the amateur. The woman's professional golfer has the same skeletal structure as the female amateur, and nervous system as well. Granted the LPGA player has more refined and efficient swing mechanics, but the body is the same. [Read more...]

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