Golf Fitness Exercises to Increase Speed in Your Tee Shots

Golf fitness training and golf exercises can assist in increasing the distance of your tee shots. An integral component of tee shots especially those hit with your driver is clubhead speed. Clubhead speed is essentially the rate of speed at which the club impacts the golf ball. The higher rate of speed, the farther the golf ball will travel. So it only makes sense when hitting driver, clubhead speed becomes an integral component of the game.

Increasing clubhead speed basically hinges upon two factors; factor number one is your swing mechanics and secondly is your body. The more efficient you become with your swing mechanics, the greater amount of energy you will be able to translate into the club head. And the more powerful the muscles of your body become the larger amount of power you will be able to create. It is the integration of these two components that will allow you to increase the clubhead speed of your tee shots.

Golf fitness training assists with the second category of these components, your body. Keep in mind it is the muscles of your body executing the mechanics of the golf swing. And when it comes to clubhead speed, if the muscles of your body are more powerful, they will be able output higher levels of clubhead speed within the confines of the golf swing.

Power, which is defined as the ability of your muscles to output the greatest amount of force in a short amount of time can be improved with a specific type of golf fitness training. This type of exercises will improve the ability of your muscles to develop force in a short amount of time through the movement patterns of the golf swing. [Read more...]

Golf Fitness Exercises for the Senior Golfer

Learn how golf fitness exercises can help you improve your game as a mature golfer. It happens to all of us, even though we do not want to admit it. The reality is we all get older. Some of you may already know what I am talking about, and others may have yet to experience the phenomenon of aging.

Those of you who are reading this article and are no longer "spring chickens" get my drift. Even if you are one of the lucky ones, still young, let me fill you in on what happens as the body gets a few miles on it.

Probably the biggest thing that we all dislike when we creep into our thirties and forties is the extra poundage (i.e. weight) we tend to put on. (It is also a lot harder to take off when we get older.) Unfortunately, because our metabolism slows down, we are unable to pound down a burger, fries, and a couple of cokes without the bathroom scale hitting "tilt" a few days later. In my mind, that probably is the most difficult adjustment we have to make: an adjustment in our nutrition intake as we age.

The second most noticeable difference as we age, especially for the more active individual, is it becomes a little more difficult to get out of bed. The back is a little sore, the knees are a little creaky, and, if you workout, the soreness does not go away as quickly.

This is a result of a few things that happen to our bodies when we get older. Number one is we lose a percentage of our muscle mass on a yearly basis. After the age of 25 (don't quote me on the specifics, but I believe) about 1 percent of your muscle mass is lost per year. Makes sense now why we get a little sorer and getting out of bed is more difficult. We simply do not have as much muscle to do the work. [Read more...]

Golf Fitness Training Programs and Golf Fitness Exercises for Core Strength

Golf fitness training programs and golf fitness exercises can improve your core strength. Core strength is essential in driving the golf ball farther off the tee box. In order to drive the golf ball farther it is necessary to increase the club head speed at which the driver impacts the golf ball. Two parts exist in this equation of increasing clubhead speed. One part revolves around the implementation of golf fitness exercises to improve core strength. A second part of this equation is connected to the mechanics of the golf swing.

Increasing club head speed occurs by improvement in two areas. Number one is your swing mechanics. The more efficient at which you execute the biomechanics of the golf swing, the greater amount of energy will be translated into the golf ball at impact. So, first and foremost, increasing club head speed is directly connected to your swing mechanics.

The second part of increasing club head speed is connected to your body. In order to execute the biomechanics of the golf swing efficiently, certain levels of flexibility, strength, endurance, and power are required from your muscular system. If you are lacking in any of these physical capacities, the ability to execute the golf swing will be inhibited. [Read more...]

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