Phil Mickelson Won’T Be Using The Ping Eye2 Wedge

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Phil Mickelson Won’T Be Using The Ping Eye2 Wedge

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Phil Mickelson won’t be using the Ping Eye2 wedge that led a fellow player to accuse him of “cheating,” even though he hopes others will use the controversial club to keep attention on what he calls a ridiculous rule.

“I won’t be playing that wedge. My point has been made,” Mickelson said on Wednesday on the eve of his two-time title defense at Riviera. “But if these governing bodies cannot get together to fix this loophole, if players stop using this wedge—which would stop the pressure of the issue—then I will relook at it and put the wedge back in play.”

The Ping wedge has grooves that no longer conform under a new U.S. Golf Association regulation, adopted by the U.S. PGA Tour. However, any Ping wedge made before April 1, 1990, is approved for play under a legal settlement from two decades ago.

Mickelson is among five players who have used the Ping wedge in competition this year.

Several players believe using the club goes against the spirit of the new grooves regulation, although Scott McCarron fueled the debate when he said of Mickelson and others, “It’s cheating.”

Mickelson hinted at legal action after saying he was “publicly slandered.” He said McCarron offered him a sincere apology late Tuesday, which he accepted. [Read more...]

Golf Driving Tips – Learn How to Hit your Drives Farther and Straighter

The toughest club in the bag to hit well regularly is the driver. The reason for this is that the margin for error is much smaller so it becomes very important to develop solid swing mechanics that you can repeat consistently. Here are some things you should keep in mind in order to improve your driving ability.

Tip 1: Focus on accuracy first

Instead of trying to put all your muscle power and energy into every drive, focus first on hitting your drives straight. Remember that an accurate drive will almost always go farther than a crooked drive.

Hitting a golf ball well consistently will require that you learn and master the basic golf swing mechanics. A good swing tip to keep in mind is that your back swing should be slow and deliberate. Most amateurs seem to put more energy in their back swing than their downswing. Slow down your back swing and you should notice an immediate improvement in ball striking. [Read more...]

reBlog from Stack and Tilt – The Golf Swing of the Future

I found this great article today:

What does the Stack and Tilt swing bring to the table? As previously mentioned, consistency is the biggest benefit. Increased distance is another rave. A main component of this new swing is to "load up" on the left side. When you can fully load a shot and a good release follows, increased distance will be the result. Another aspect is a simpler golf swing with less moving parts. The conventional golf swing has been labeled complex and subsequently difficult to, Stack and Tilt – The Golf Swing of the Future

You should read the whole article.

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