Should Hybrid Golf Clubs be in your golf bag?

Should Hybrid Golf Clubs be in your bag?

I bought a Hogan set a few years and the 3 and 4 iron came standard in hybrids.  The deference was night and day over my old  3 and 4 iron which I rarely take out of the bag.  The 4-iron hybrid is now the club I use the most.  Tight fairways off the tee, par threes, and tight second shot on par fives.  I have since added the hybrid 5-iron.  These club get the ball high and are very forgiving on both thin and fat shots.

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Choose The Right Golf Clubs Every Time

The iron is the club on the right.

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Golf is now accepted globally as a popular sport activity. Since it has gone mainstream, it is common to see commercials on TV featuring this beloved sport. I am certain that you have seen some golf clubs that are being advertised in the market, claiming they can help you hit longer and harder than ever before. These new clubs promise to improve your game, but you should beware of these promises. If something is too good to be true, then it most probably is. [Read more...]

Buying the Best Clubs for Beginners

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A new set of clubs for beginners is really not necessary; in fact the higher end clubs can be a hindrance on your game. Golf is unique in the fact that the sport requires a group of instruments, and equipment to play in full. Many sports like baseball or basketball just require a few items that are used by an entire team. Golf being an individual sport this aspect changes into a need for the right set of clubs. [Read more...]

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