Three Golf Swing Tips

Golf is a popular sport which is why a lot of the tournaments are shown on television. You may not yet play with the likes of Tiger Woods but to be one of the best in the game, it will be helpful to know three golf swing tips.

First, you need a good shoulder turn to be able to hit the ball properly and let it land close to the hole. This is easier said than done because people have the misconception that making the left heel go up too much off the ground will make that work.

In essence, it does make the hip turn which is good but it does not produce any recoil. So what is the lesson here? Simply not to turn too much because recoil can be created not by how back the golfer turns when taking that shot.

Second, you must never let your chin rest against the chest because this will make it difficult to swing the left arm across the upper during the back swing. The correct way to do is it to keep the chin up and allow the left arm to move freely across the chest. This will give you the wide arc that is needed to hit the ball in the in the right direction.

Third, learn to relax because you are not able to think straight when you are pressured. When this happens, you forget tips one and two which disrupts your natural rhythm of hitting the ball the right way.

That is probably hard to do when you are in to winning the game but this is what separates the boys from the men. To get your mind off what is happening, try to block everyone out and picture yourself in your “happy place.”

Remember the movie “Happy Gilmore?” That is exactly what Adam Sandler’s character did in the movie and that helped him win despite the odds.

You might not get all these three tips overnight but if you practice regularly, you will get the hang of things. You have to remember that professional golfers also make mistakes and that they don’t always win each time they are in a tournament.

That should give you a fighting chance because you are an underdog and you have nothing to lose when you participate in the competition. Of course, things change when you have done well throughout the tour and people expect you to do just as good as you did before.

When all else fails, try to remember golf swing tip number 3 because the difference between winning and losing is attitude and that is all in your head. Until you get it right, continue practicing at home, in the golfing range and out there on the green.

Technique and attitude is what the three golf swing tips are all about. How well you perform starts the minute you tee off which is why it is important to make it count so you won’t have a hard time later on when you are only a few yards left from the hole.

If you get lucky, you may even do a “Hole in One” which does not happen very often. That will of course make you move on to the next hole that could be more challenging than the previous one.

It is all about you when you are out there on the green and success can only be achieved by following these golf swing tips.

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